The Perfect Holiday

  • Posted on May 3, 2019 at 11:07 pm
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On holiday, leave your work behind – literally and metaphorically

I need a holiday. (Don’t we all?) Well, here we are at the start of Bank Holiday weekend – perfect! And I think that I have discovered what would make the perfect holiday for me… perhaps for all of us. It is a holiday fromĀ myself.

What do many of us do when we take a holiday? We lock up our homes and go away somewhere different… new. We engage in new activities, see new places, eat new foods, meet new people and possibly make new friends. Some people simply want to rest. Others prefer to rush around seeing the sights and throwing themselves into all manner of things – quite often doing things which they would never normally contemplate or enter into. After all, they do say that a change is as good as a rest and it can be very invigorating and inspiring.

I strongly suspect that our busy, busy holidays are often only a massive form of distraction. We focus on the beach, sports, sights, exhibitions, cafes and restaurants, thrills and spills and even the hard-mattressed bed in our hotel room because it is something to fill our over-active minds with. If we are focusing on these new things then we won’t have the mental capacity left to also be worrying about everything that we have left behind us at home – all the jobs that need doing in the house or garden, or the repairs we promised to see to at our elderly parents home or the project we are supposed to be helping ourĀ  child with for school. We definitely won’t need to think about work – unless we have been daft enough to take our works mobile away with us. Phones ringing, people knocking at the door, people making demands on our time, energy, emotions, mental capacities… we just need it all to stop.

We especially need to stop going over and over the long lists in our heads of things we ought to see to, aim for, complete. Of course it is good to have goals and aims for all the wonderful things we are going to accomplish and strategies and plans for how we are going to achieve them. However, our own expectations of ourselves can become burdensome in the extreme. Well, I realise that this is certainly sometimes the case with myself.

So this weekend, I am not going to take a three-night short break away – in fact, I am stopping at home – but I am going to have a holiday from myself.

Now it is said that you can never really leave yourself behind; that you take yourself with you wherever you go and that is absolutely true… of course you do. But what you don’t have to put up with from yourself is all the pressure and rubbish that you continually heap upon yourself; all your own expectations of yourself, all the consequent guilt of not having fulfilled your own goals; all the emotional backlog of resentment and fear in relation to everyone around you and the hurts and injustices you perceive yourself to have suffered.

If I was going away for a few days I would mentally switch off from all that and say to myself, “I’m having a few days off and I’m not even going to think about any of that until after I get back.”

The big news is that we can say this to ourselves any time, any where! In effect, give ourselves permission to at least temporarily ‘switch off’.

Similarly, how many of us have ruined our holiday or time off by not being able to leave our worries, responsibilities and pressures behind us?

Perhaps we could ALL give ourselves at least a short holiday from ourselves this weekend? Just think what stress free bliss that might lead to!

What ever you do have planned this weekend, I very much hope that you enjoy it and that it nourishes and nurtures you and brings you back into normal life next week feeling refreshed and revitalised.

True to my own decision, I am signing off now… not touching my computer for a whole three days! Stepping away from myself and my own expectations…

Happy, happy days everyone!



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