Magic Moments…

  • Posted on December 23, 2017 at 7:25 pm

The nature, the true essence of the Christmas season is ephemeral, transient, fleeting. We all work for days, weeks, sometimes months towards celebrating it – and then in a few minutes or hours it is gone – passed almost in the blink of an eye. But that is the ‘magic’ of Christmas!

We glimpse it in so many places… in the cheery greeting… the stillness and warmth of a comfortable silence between good friends… the tenderness of a hug… the total surprise of an unexpected and much appreciated gift… the sight of all your loved ones faces beaming back at you from around the festive table… the electric atmosphere when a whole roomful of people erupt into laughter… an unwavering candle flame… a softly sung carol. That warm fuzzy glow which melts your senses and makes your heart sing. This is ‘Christmas’.

We try to manifest this intangible essence through the annual customs and activities that we all indulge in – the eating and drinking, the festive decorations and gift-giving, the jokes and carol singing, the country walk on Christmas afternoon – but it is impossible to pin it down. Some years we might not experience it at all and feel that Christmas doesn’t mean what it used to; and then suddenly, we will experience one of those magical moments when we think that we suddenly understand… suddenly see something else, something more… something utterly brilliant, special, perfect, wonderful…… and then it is gone. Like an arching firework that lights up the night sky and then dissolves just as quickly into a little trail of fading stars, we perceive and then loose what we thought we had grasped and are left empty handed… but still with that amazing afterglow of almost-knowing, of having understood something miraculous, even if it was only for a split second.

But these moments are not really confined just to the Midwinter holidays. You can discover them popping up all through the year. Perhaps a moonlit evening, the rapture of birdsong, a molten sunset, sitting with friends around a summer barbecue, a child’s laugh, a kind word, might prompt a similar glimpse of something else… something more.

Treasure these magical moments for they are the stuff of paradise… of heaven on earth… of what life might be like if we could create perfection. The marvellous thing about them is that the more you become aware of them and open yourself to looking for and recognising them, the more frequently they seem to occur.

So don’t be disappointed if your celebrations all seem to hurtle by too fast and you are left feeling deflated and bereft… just keep on looking for those very special moments – you will find them, I promise!


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Helen Hughes
Helen Hughes

Those magical moments seem to arise for me when I totally relax and don’t think too much. I love going to the Christmas Eve celebrations at Conwy on Xmas Eve and yet its when I walk away afterwards and see those mighty castle walls in the darkness, and the lights reflecting on the river that the ‘magic’ hits me. There’s something about the dark stillness and seeing things from a distance which changes something inside me. Have a magical Christmas Everyone XXXX