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The Alternative Advent Calendar

  • Posted on December 24, 2018 at 10:44 am

Alternative Advent Calendar 24Merry Midwinter’s countdown to Christmas with a difference!


Mother’s Night.

This is it… Christmas Eve and the last door of the Advent Calendar! However there is an extra door which I would like you to open tomorrow – Christmas Day – can you guess what might be behind it?

Today’s door is not really about today but about this evening. In many places around the world, but especially in Britain and parts of northern Europe this is when Mother’s Night is celebrated. The archetypal ‘mother’, grandmother’ or ‘crone’ is an ancient feminine figure – in the singular or plural – and predates many of the more recent masculine deities.

In Italy there is Santa Lucia; in Russia, Snegurochka; in Germany, Frau Holle and her sacred work of birthing souls into life on Earth but also birthing souls back out of earthly life onto a higher plain. She then became translated into English as Mother Holly while here in Wales we have the goddesses Modron and Rhiannon. Looking at the 25th December as the day when the solar event of the Solstice is completed and the Sun/Light is reborn – as reflected historically in the celebration of the birth or rebirth of so many solar deities such as Isis, Mithras and Apollo – the night before any birth must surely be spent with the mother in labour – as with Mary in the stable before giving birth to Jesus.

However you look at it, this is a sacred time when the feminine aspect within all of us is called upon to birth this annual celebration into our world and nurture those around us. Your task for today – or this evening – is to remember your own mother, or the woman or women who have fulfilled that role for you at different times in your life. If she is still with you on this Earth perhaps you might like to take a few minutes to tell her that you love her and thank her for all she has done for you.

Conversely, as a mother yourself, you might wish to gather your children about you and let them know how much you love them – or if they are not with you, then pick up the phone and call them.

At the same time, do not forget to honour that of the Mother and that aspect of a tender, nurturing nature within yourself – whether you be male or female – we all have a feminine side to our nature.

This evening, when all the last minute preparations have been seen to and the rest of the family has bustled away to finish wrapping their gifts or flake out in front of the television or whatever it is they need to do, find a quiet corner for yourself. Light a single candle and pour yourself a glass of good wine – or make yourself a hot non-alcoholic drink if you prefer. Sit quietly and think about this sacred feminine role which so many of us seek, to some degree, to fulfil… or sometimes totally avoid. How do you demonstrate your feminine aspects? How have you seen others demonstrate theirs? What is so especially important about them? Why do we thrive surrounded by feminine care and attention and crave it and suffer if it is missing from our life?

Acknowledge and celebrate the mother(s) in your life, including your own mothering capabilities, and also remember the greatest mother figure we have which is the Earth herself. Be gentle in your evaluation and reflection.

My greatest respect to all of you who are filling the role of ‘mother’ tonight.