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The Alternative Advent Calendar

  • Posted on December 2, 2018 at 11:33 pm

Merry Midwinter’s count down to Christmas with a difference!

Alt. Advent Calendar no. 3

Are you ready for number three? Read on!


Spend a few minutes with someone and give them your whole attention.

Completely forget yourself.

Look into the other person’s eyes as they are speaking – tune out from the rest of the world around you and focus on them… and them alone.

Really listen to what they are saying.

Be slow to speak yourself – perhaps be more inclined to communicate your care for them in other ways; smiling, holding their hand, putting an arm around their shoulders.

When your little conversation comes to an end, give that other person a really big, warm hug, and hold/leave your arms around them for several seconds (twenty if possible as this stimulates healthful hormonal activity).

THE ALTERNATIVE ADVENT CALENDAR EXPLAINED: how to help the seasonal spirit grow.

This e-calendar will not show you pretty pictures or give you indulgences to eat. Instead it will give you ideas, simple tasks and challenges… a different one for every day between now and the 25th December.

They are nothing particularly out of the ordinary – designed to slot into your everyday schedules and pre-Christmas preparations and activities.

Come and have a look each day – open your next Advent ‘window’ to find out what you are asked to do next – and by the time the Sun rises on Christmas morning, your attitude to life will have radically changed and you will discover your very own magical Christmas gift!

Food for Body and Soul

  • Posted on December 4, 2017 at 8:26 pm

Well! That’s the Christmas grocery shopping done! On the way home the car was piled high with bags and boxes containing all manner of treats. I have to add that a great deal of it was contents for me to bake or cook into other dishes: nuts; desiccated, flaked, ground and whole; fruits dried or crystalized; dark cooking chocolate, cocoa powder, little bottles of essences and colourings… you get the idea! Yes, I deplore the consumer excesses of our western winter holiday but I also love the chance to stock up on small delicious extravagancies which often last me the rest of the year and sometimes beyond.

As we drove towards home it was still only late afternoon but already it was fully dark, a near-full moon was gliding in the clear navy blue sky above the snow-capped mountains. Once home there was then the mammoth task of transferring  everything from vehicle to house… Continue reading Food for Body and Soul…